The GetStuff4Free Network Is offering Free cash, Paid through Paypal! We all use Paypal for making online payments, Recieving online payments and spending it on Ebay! So why not get free cash sent to your Paypal account? You will be able to choose; $200, $400. $599, $800 and even $1000 in paypal.. For free!

How do I get free cash?

Sign up to the GetStuff4Free Network.
They will ask you for the following information:
Email address, Name, Paypal E-mail address, Street address, City, State/Province, postal/zip code, Country, Phone number and birthday.
It is very important to provide accurate information, otherwise you will not get your free cash! All of your information is 100% secure & safe! There privacy policy on their website states this:

"We commit to providing both clients and users with the best in privacy and security. We will not sell, rent or trade your information for any reason."

Following all of the rules of the site is important! If you provide legit information you will have no problems at all! You may only have 1 account on this site! If you have multiple accounts on the website you will not recieve your free cash! Your account will be put on hold!

You must complete 1 sponsor offer on the website. These offers usaully cost only a few dollars. They vary but most of them are a few dollars. These offers do require a credit card. I will post a list of some of the offers below:

ABS diet online
Worth: 5/10
Cost: FREE!

At home rewards trial offer
Worth: 7/10
Cost $1.00

Auto loan marketplace
Worth: 1/10
Cost: Free!

Worth: 10/10
Cost: $9.99

Book of the moth club
Worth: 5/10
Cost: $1.00

Doubleday book club
Worth: 5/10
Cost: $0.99

Globe Juvenile Insurance
Worth: 7/10
Cost: $1.00

Google money toolkit
Worth: 7/10
Cost: $2.95

How to make money on ebay
Worth: 8/10
Cost: $1.95

Passport to fun!
Worth: 5/10
Cost: $1.00

Taboodia Free Trial
Worth: 6/10
Cost: $6.95

You have to complete an offer(s) that add up to 10/10. Some offers are worth 5/10, 8/10 and even 10/10 etc. the offers are very cheap and i have posted how much the offers will cost you. Complete offers untill they add up to 10/10 (1 full credit) or more. After completing an offer you will receive "credit" for it. The "crediting time" depends on the offer. It can vary from INSTANT - 5 DAYS. Once you receive credit for the offer you completed you will see this message when you login: "Congratulations! You have met the offer requirements!"

I would recommend completing the blockbuster offer. It is worth 1 full credit (10/10) and it will only cost you $9.99! it is also very important to provide 100% accurate information when completing an offer! If you fail to do so, the GetStuff4Free Network will place your account on hold and you will not receive your free cash! Now that you know about the offers you might want to follow this short guide that will help you receive credit for the offer(s) you complete!

1. Enable all cookies.
this can be done in Internet Explorer by going to TOOLS -> INTERNET OPTIONS -> PRIVACY.

2. You might want to disable your firewall. This step is not necessary, But may help you to receive credit for an offer.

Now that you have signed up with accurate information, Completed a sponsor offer you are ready for the last step! Refer all your friends to do the exact same thing! You are given a referral link, You can view it by logging in and clicking on the STATUS tab. Just below that it will show a list of referrals that have signed up under you. It will also show you if they have completed an offer yet.

You can put your referral link in your signature on a forum or even on your blog! But, do not go around posting your referral link where it is not wanted! What i mean by this is posting on things like YouTube and sending emails to people you do not know! This is considered Spam and will have your account placed on hold.. which will result in no free cash for you! Each amount of cash will require a certain amount of referrals.

$200 - 5 referrals
$400 - 10 referrals
$599 - 15 referrals
$800 - 20 referrals
$1,000 - 25 referrals

The GetStuff4Free Network pays YOU $40 for every referral you get!!
Remember to tell your referrals what to do!

Now that you have Signed up, Completed an offer, And referred your friends to do the same you may now log-in to your account and click on the order tab. You may now "order" you free cash! The GetStuff4Free Network will now check your account to see if all information entered is legit. If it is, and you did not scam them at all, You will be guaranteed your free cash will be sent to your PayPal account, once approved!

Enjoy your free cash!!
Now go spend your free cash!! You can purchase things on Ebay and wherever Paypal is acceptd! You could also send the money to your bank account through paypal!

If anyone has any questions at all, please post a comment and i will answer you ASAP! You can even contact the GetStuff4Free Network on AIM; GS4F support. You can also email me at I encourage people to send me there proof pics, i will post them here!